NFT 4 Cause | Solana Tools


These are the FREE Solana NFT project tools you've been looking for. You can setup your project in less than 10 minutes!

What is Discord verification?

The Discord verification service allows custom roles to be added to users who hold a specific NFT in their Solana wallet. These roles can be used to setup private channels and special features on your Discord server only available to your holders.

Once your project is configured, users simply navigate to a custom URL to verify their NFT status on your Discord server. Your verified users are continuously revalidated to ensure the role is removed if your NFT is no longer in their wallet.

What is sales tracking?

Sales tracking continuously monitors your NFT collection for new mints and secondary market sales. Whenever activity is detected, we post an update to your collection landing page.

If you're an NFT 4 Cause NFT holder, we will also notify channels on your Discord server as well as your project's Twitter account. Custom sales notifications allow your followers to celebrate with you every time your collection exchanges hands.

Why is it free?

We offer these free hosted services because we believe in giving back to the Solana NFT community. Our mission is to enable projects to focus their funds on developing their community and making progress on their roadmap.
At NFT 4 Cause we create socially relevant NFTs and donate 80% of our proceeds to global nonprofits chosen by our holders! Everything else funds the development of free tools like this to enhance the Solana community.


We believe in Opensource software. All the code for our Solana NFT services is freely available on GitHub for review, auditing and use in other projects.